About Blooming Kids

100% of your donation goes towards grass roots assistance of underprivileged children Although we are a small organisation, with around 60 members, we have a core group of highly committed individuals. There is often a need to travel to promote and fulfill the objectives of Blooming Kids, and this has been undertaken at their own expense, with no reimbursement from the organisation. Our main sources of income to date are from garage sales, selling donated items on a rotational basis at member’s residences, the sale of Cadburys fundraising chocolates, and donations. We also have our first fundraising dinner and variety night organised for midyear 2011.

People, or more commonly organisations, are selected for assistance from Blooming Kids primarily on the basis of need. No decisions on funding are made without the proposal being tabled at our bimonthly meetings, where it is discussed and voted on. Apart from the primary basis of need, we take into account the structure of the organisation, level of accountability for donated amounts, and on most occasions the result of an inspection of the premises and organisation, to establish, as best as possible, the bona fides of the target organisation.

Our dedicated volunteer team

  • Committee Member Position
  • Mike CRISP Chairperson & Director / Secretary
  • Bill GRANT Deputy Chairperson & Director
  • Gavin COWELL Director
  • Lou GRANT Minutes Secretary
  • Norma FRASER Treasurer/ Bookkeeper
  • Moira GRANT Membership / Fundraising Coordinator


In addition to our dedicated volunteer team Blooming Kids has a diverse range of members from children and families, young and old alike, a common desire to make a real difference in the lives of those less fortunate than US. (link to membership page)

Last updated: 20/02/2011